Volkswagen Jetta

Hi there!

After a period of not focusing on Blender very much, I just got drawn back to it. I decided it’s time for me to finally learn to work with it better and do some larger projects instead of giving up early into a model. This is the first of the results - my take at modelling the newest version of Volkswagen Jetta.

My reference images didn’t fit in perfectly and so I decided to allow myself some freedom and improvisation with this model. It’s far from perfect and needs a bit more work (for the back part for instance, but generally for all the parts to fit in well), but being the first project that I have managed to get so far with (if I don’t count scenes I created entirely by following the tutorials), I am pretty happy with it. I am also pretty determined to finish it so I hope I will be able to keep this thread updated. Hope you like it and looking forward to any helpful reviews/remarks. Have a nice day everyone!

P.S.: As I’m a fan of Creative Commons and freedom of information, here’s the actual .blend: jetta.blend (872 KB)

That’s a really good start! I would make it more high-poly, especially around the back. Also, for the logo on the front, If you look at an actual Jetta, the logo is resting on a cylinder-looking object, so I would model that object (which would help fill in the gap between the logo and the grille) and then either model the logo on top, or import a .svg of that logo, extrude it to give it some depth, and then place that on the cylinder object. Looking forward to this!

like sdighe said i would make it more high poly which will smooth out the sharp edges. the rear does look kind of empty (not sure if its just the angle) but i would work on making a more visible back bumper and maybe add a little license plate spot or something. but for your first model that wasnt based off a tutorial it’s coming along pretty nicely. keep up the good work!

i suggest adding some subsurf or multires, because mesh looks pretty rough. But model look very accurate. Good proportions. Keep going :slight_smile: