Volkswagen T1 by DeJones

Here is a new 3D project, I finished today.
I used Blender for modeling, materials and the lighting (“studio lighting”).
The picture is rendered with Vray (demo-version) and I did the post-pro with
Corel-photo-paint x3.

edit: new post processing


Very cool. I really like the idea of the rain… it adds kind of a “waiting for the bus” feel to the render. At first I was thinking “the paint’s too smooth” but then I noticed what’s bugging the back of my mind… if it were raining, this would affect the texture in the form of water droplets. I’m not sure how you’d go about it and it would probably be difficult to make realistic, though having a rainy surface on the paint & glass would take it to another level again.

Very cool model.

can we have the blend I love these buses I want to turn yours into the safari style

Why don’t you make your own if you want one?

On topic. It’s a nice model but I don’t think the rain fits into this otherwise very clean studio render.