Volley Ball [Tex+Model] required for free 3D version of Blobby Volley

I suppose you all know Blobby Volley 2D. I am currently working together with two other guys on an improved and free 3D version of the game using the Ogre Engine. Programming, mapping, sound and other branches are going well and what concerns modelling we are already possessing a palm tree, a blobby (=the player) and a volley net which are finished (model+texture) - Animation is not required at the current stage :wink:
Unfortunately we are still in need of a volley ball with a realistic volley ball texture on it. So if you know where to download a volley ball for free or are even willing to create one on your own we would be really glad. As mentioned this project is free and will be avaible for everyone on the internet without charge once itโ€™s finished so we have nothing to offer but a sincere thanks :wink:

give a rough idea of polys and tex size if someone is interested in making a volley for you they may need that info

Poly should be roughly between 4000 and 8000 but we would also be content with higher or lower poly models as we donโ€™t have a volley ball at all right now. Texture size can be quite variable s.th. around 600x600 should serve the purpose but smaller or larger sizes are welcome too.