Volta Speedster Hover Car

Hi guys, another one of my models: this time a hover car I designed from scratch. It has a bit of a retro theme. The modelling was all done in Blender, as was the rendering (Cycles of course). Texturing was done in Substance Painter, and I created a blistered paint filter in Designer - if anyone is interested in that I could try to clean it up and post it somewhere.

One more render…

Nice stuff. It has the look of a large scale miniature.

Thanks man, maybe the scaling is a bit off, hence the “miniature” effect.

Wow. I like the design it reminds me of movie 5th element

Cool renderings. The side of the car looks a bit dull though. Maybe you could still add some carved out swooshes, some graphics, air in-outlets or the like to the side to compensate for the missing wheels?

Ha, I love that film!