Volume light god rays render tips?

Hello everyone !

I’m transitioning to blender and loving it.
I’m using the latest artstation challenge as a training opportunity !

I need help achieving god rays type of lightbeam as you can see in my submission but with a better raytracing engine than eevee - no matter what I try with cycles I can’t get a decent godrays just like I can achieve it in EEVEE…

Any tips on a setting I can use or another renderer I should try ?
I’m currently using a HDRI + box with scatter volume shader and a point light in it to simulate the god rays…

thanks for the help !!

In the BI days I once did god-rays with a few … cones. I turned the Alpha way down so that it was mostly translucent but still visible, then added blur. (Or was it glow?) Presto. Probably could have done it with planes.