Volume light tube (volumetric light shafts without cone volume faking)

That’s right, even though the lights are spots, I used the volume planes technique again to produce volumetric lighting effects without using the cone volumes that people usually use for this. This technique will work with soft ray shadows and with all lamp types.
8 hours to render (however, I used a lot of planes for really high quality)

Awesome! This is one of the first examples of this in Blender that I have really liked!

For volumetrics I usually use Lightwave, but it’s nice to know people are experimenting with getting good results in Blender.


Could u xplain the technique or show a link 2 it? thanx in advance. Gr8 work.

Nice work! How many planes did you use? It would be nice to see your setup.

I used quite a few thousand planes for the effect.

Chela69: The technique is basically a bunch of alpha planes with a blend and clouds texture, they don’t have to be quite aligned to the camera.

i agree that is pretty awesome

Ok. I understand what you have done, but when i’m trying something similar, it just don’t work the way i want it to. Can you send some blend file or something, so i can have a look at what i’m doing wrong? Thanks.

Nevermind, i managed to do it. It’s not perfect technique, but it fairly usable for indoor scenes.
Here is my result: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w0vVl254WU

looks good :slight_smile: now I see I used something similar [http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=109403.](volumetric no, electric one )
when I wanted used SSS to get volumetric feeling i get only some side effect.

Can you rotate your camera around it self center? I think you cant, I wanted to solve it by parenting layers to the camera. It Works fine for side move or around, but simple forward move looks like shaking fars clouds. i didnt want to use hundreds layers and far layers now works like “scaner” because of their bigger distances.