Volume rendering script

I intend to write a volume rendering script. This will use the “many slices” approch to producing the effect.

The problem with this approch is that depending on the camera and lighting you get slice artifacts and need to make constant adjustments. So hence the script to fix this issue. That is the script will update the slices angle and normal vectors to reduce/remove the negative effects. However at this stage the “fog” areas will be limited to just a single light source (sun to start with).

The reason is that its very hard to get good smoke/clouds and fire type effects. Using povray and reimporting back is one idea, and its faster than the slice method. But using blender and a one stop shop is what I want for now.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

I will post a few vids after the new year to get an idea of what i’m after.

you can set mesh normals from Blender.Mesh to avoid artifacts -
perhaps you could use betaballs (low res) to define areas to fill. metaballs can be used with particles too.
The script could slice up faces, align with the camera on a render scriptlink.

Ok here are a few renders of an exterem example to give an idea of what I’m after.

Small flyover
Larger version
Texture contrast change
and Lighting angle change

This is the blend for the first one… I didn’t save the others but just made quick edits too this blend:

So the last movie shows what happens when the light source angle changes --this intensity of the light changes. This not what we want. So the script with set the normals as sujested above. But a bigger problem is when the camara is moving… This can cause a lot of artifacts… basicaly you can see in some shots there is the appreance of stacking. So I would need to adjust the angles.

But i would like to know if there is any interest in such a script, if there is not i will not “finish” it. Since i will just hack it too my own needs.