Volume Rendering

Rendered a short animation with SVN simphysics branch revision 16955 from graphicall.org. It doesn’t look like I wanted it to look. It was supposed to be a tornado or something. I think i’ll have to practice particles a little bit more. Here it is:


Tommorow I’ll upload a rendering in hd, which is actually rendering on another machine.

Great Job! Even though it wasn’t what u aimed for…(read Vimeo post)

Thanks. But this kind of animations are really easy to accomplish with the actual SVN sim/physics branch. You should try it yourself.

I’ve rendered a hd version of similar smoke over night. It is only 55 frames long and was rendering for 14 hours. Don’t know when vimeo will update it to hd.


Now a little fire test. I know it’s not good, but I think I’m getting better…


Can you print screen your settings. I don’t even know where to start.

First of all you’ll need this build or a later one from graphicall:

  1. Then open a new project. Delete the box.

  2. Insert a plane. Create a particle system on that plane. Bake the particle system. Set the view mode of the particle system from “Point” to “Object”. so there are no Halos rendered and you can still see the system. Normally you should set it to none for this to happen.

  3. Insert a new box. The box must surround the parts of your particle system you want to see in your render. You can set the drawtype to wire in the objects panel, so you can actually see through the box.

  4. Create a new material for the box and set it from “Solid” to “Volume”. Set the density to 0.0 and in the “Map To” tab deselect “Emit Color” and select “Density”. Go to the texture panel. Create an new texture and select “Point Density”.

  5. Now render and hopefully enjoy.

If there is something unclear, please ask. But I’m on vacation till tuesday evening. Here is a testfile: http://www.box.net/shared/rfsp6a1i5f

Thanks… I’ll look into that. :yes:

hello. i want to use the latest simphysics, but i am stuck.
i can only access the internet at my local library and transfer stuff to my home computer.
i do not have permission to install Tortoise here, so i fall at the first hurdle when trying to build blender, which is what i believe i have to do first to then be able to add SVN updates such as those for Volumetrics.
am i right? am i making sense?
i think my first question is can i download the Blender Windows Library without SVN.
or, another way, can i copy every page and file from here https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/trunk/lib/windows/ , recreate the relevant folders on my pc at home and then use scons (is it?) to build blender without having to be online?
does anybody at least understand what i’m on about?
please and thankyou.

Another test http://vimeo.com/1964046

You don’t have to build it on your own. Try a testbuild tagged “sym/phzsics” from www.graphicall.org

@burns: Nice! Looks a lot more fluent than our last tests! Was on vacation. Will try a few more tests soon…

thankyou gdp2000, i worked that out. i think i had to wait for somebody else to do it.