volumemanic light (spelling off)

working on the lighting the volume manic lighting and here is a picture of it i have a grill the lights are showing tho but there is no shadows from the grill please give me some pointers on it


Haha, volumetric.

I don’t know, do you have shadows turned on?

There are a few things that can affect shadows - from the render shading option of rendering shadows, the materials settings for casting and receiving shadows, and the lamps settings to cast shadows.

Another possibility is that the grille work is too thin and the light bleeds over enough to make them non-visible.

i found my problem i had the lights not far enough back the lights was in front of the grill and not behind it stupid me but thats what i get for working on it at late at night but i will look in to what my settings are and thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile: