Volumetric Cloud with Eevee

These images were made for my personal project.
It’s named ImageFiles (weekly uploading my small works)

Modeling in Blender2.8, little bit Houdini.
Render in Eevee. and Photoshop.

Eevee’s volumetric fog gives me really amazing result!

also volumetric test scene.


is there a particular trick or limitation to this feature I’m missing? I can use constant density volumes in eevee no problem; but as soon as I plug in a noise texture into the density, the volume stops rendering. happens with both cube object volumes and world volumes.

sorry, I never happened like your case…
my volume setting is like this. I’m using just color ramp node.

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

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I heard it’s a bug/missing feature on Macs. Are you using OS X?
P.S. it happens on my laptop too (it’s a mac).

That’d explain it. Blenders future on Mac is seeming bleaker by the day. First the abandonment of OpenCL, and with OpenGL also being deprecated, I get nervous every time an eevee bug crops up that may not be fixable.

nice work !!!

thanks !!!

I’m on a mac, too and still the same problem continues! sad