Volumetric Dust

Ok I know Dust in general is kind of a mystery to bender users but on the recent splash screen for blender 2.63 dose anyone know how they did the dust? Im not looking for a tutorial or anything just thing you know will be helpful I finally want to know how to do this. Please Help!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

see http://mango.blender.org/artwork/blender-2-63-splashscreen/

(the splash image and another example) still heavily rely on Blender Internal, in particular for the volumetric effects. The main renders come right out of Cycles, but halos and smoke could only be achieved by linking the scene to Blender internal, in a new scene, with it’s own setup of render layers and passes.

That link also has the node setups.

Oohhh thanks