Volumetric Fur

I just discovered (Mostly by accident) that you can use Volumetric Rendering to create awesome fur.
Is this a commonly used technique?:eek:

pics or it didn’t happen

One minute…

Here, I think…

Here’s the link
I’m having some diffuculty with it not wanting to render while other objects are visible, but…

It’s not letting me post the link…

Did you set it to emit from volume or what?

mmm dosn’t looks very nice. But generaly volumentric is used for lightening, or some effects with transparency.

I have a particle system set to fur, then I just set the texture to volume, pretty much leaving it at it’s standard values, a cloud texture is affecting its density though.
here’s an updated link for a newer render.

Keep in mind, this is the first time I’ve tried this, (I discovered it twenty minutes ago) so I’m betting you can get some better results pretty easily.
BTW I rendered the cloak and the human on separate render layers to fix the problem.

I have no idea why when I render there is less hair around the ears
not sure when I would need to render hair as voulume

What material setting are you using for the fur?

Density: 5
Emission: 1

What I did was (Under the particle settings) I have about 700 interpolated children and a Radial shape.
Also for the things I’m using it for I have to set the fur length to about 4X what I want my fur to be.
I’m doing some tests with Suzanne, hang on…

Also I’m using a Density of about 0.2.

Let me know if you guys get any cool results.