volumetric lighning not working

I’m trying to make an underwater scene w/ volumetric lightning. So, i try using spotlight lamp and volume scatter + volume absorption. But now the spot light wont show it’s rays when rendered(cycle). I’ve tried everything from lowering the density of the volume scatter,etc to no avail,and the rays still wont show up! Here’s the blend file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ai2ia0ccduc3zq2/rapture_RETOPO.blend?dl=0

I just raised the light intensity by a factor of 10 and raised the density of the volume scatter shader to 0.2 and got this result. I also moved camera a little farther away because the in way the framing was set up the spotlight fills up the entire screen.

btw I don’t have your textures so that’s why things are purple.

Also, I hope you meant lighting.