Volumetric light rays EEVEE Hologram

I manage to make a volumetric light effect using Cycles

to create a hologram like effect.
I like how it looks, but because of the amount of objects on my Scene, render time is around 5 minutes,which is not bad for a still image, but i’m doing an animation, so is going to take like a Week to render.

So, i tried to move to EEVEE and all the objects are ok, but the Volumetric light, like the hologram effect, is not even close, and that’s why i’m looking some advice to achive something as close as posible as the one i made with Cycles but using EEVE.

Thanks in advance

maybe something like that? (basically, using a Layer Weight as factor between a Transparent and an Emission node)

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Even though is a good option, i can only make it work for “straight light” there is a small “conical light shape”, like the one in Cycles, that i need to get. Thank you for the help

it works for conical shapes as well if this is what you want, this is not volumetric, volumetric works bad in eevee for the moment, maybe the Mesh to Volume modifier will make things better though

It could be a good option, but for now, is not a 100% secure to use experimental (2.91) for projects.