volumetric light through smoke?

Is it possible to texture the “volumetric” part of a volumetric spotlight, to simulate the light shining through clouds or smoke? If I map a cloud texture to the color channel light, the only part of the light that gets textured is the circular part. I don’t see any other controls that would enable me to do this effect. Is it possible in Blender?

This what you mean?

No time ATM, sorry, but will post settings later.

I was going for more of a “swirly” effect, like a light shining through irregular wisps of smoke.

I just found an example of what I’m talking about:

Ditch the halo option and make a bunch of camera aligned planes set with full transclucensy and no shadow casting or recieving shadows and very low alpha, then shine a spotlight through it. See if that works. Also, UVmap a sphere blend texture to the planes (not visible), and set a clouds texture to alpha.

For irregular edges, enable shadow casting and transparent shadows for the object, don’t forget to have low alpha, this is best done with soft ray shadows like what’s found in a new SVN build.