volumetric lighting on a single light.

Wondering if there have been any improvement on volumetric lighting using cycles. I am trying to use this with a single light ray similar to a spotlight on a stage surrounded by black but it still does not look good either using volume scatter in the nodes section or creating another object in the path of the light and applying volume scatter to the object. It just looks bad. Blender Render has the halo function and that is what I want but I use cycles. Any progress on this anyone knows of? I use Blender 2.75.

Oh… :yes: show what you did… or better, post the .blend

well I have a block here testing it our with an object using volume scatter and placing a hemi light in it but I dont know. Feel free to experiment with it and let me know if you find better settings.

light.blend (630 KB)

:slight_smile: yes… and you want it to look like any of these?

Yes like the first one on this page

I dont know why it is so easy in Blender Render but move to Cycles that supposed to be better and it gets more complicated

You are using a hemi light and you have an environment light. Try it with a spotlight and a black background.

yup… and something to play around - lightS.blend (@ PasteAll.org)


Thats it…thanks was getting close but you did it