Volumetric lighting problems

I’m trying to create a scene with my main character sitting against a wall which has bullet holes in it. I wanted to have a spot light behind the wall and have the light come through the holes. When I place the spot light ( with halo enabled) behind the wall it still seems to light the front of the wall. On top of that the light doesn’t come through the holes.
I was aiming for a dark dusty warehouse where a firefight had taken place any idea how i can achieve this?

Yeah, Blender really can’t do that. Not the way 3DSMax can. Volumetric light is missing from Blender. You can kind of fake it with halo on a spotlight, but as you probably have found out it is just not the same.

Well that sucks. I don’t think this project will come together very well with out the lighting. I guess I’ll just have to go get 3Dsmax and learn that along side blender.
Thanks for you reply. =)

I wish it had proper volumetric light support too… anyone knows if there is progress going on to fix that matter ? thnx

I hope so.
I’m playing around with blender 2.5 alpha to see if it has gotten any better in volumetric lighting but the new reorganized interface is kinda making it hard to find everything but i doubt that it can get it to do what we need.