Volumetric Lighting Through Transparent Objects

Hey there,

I feel like I’m missing something simple but I can’t quite figure it out. In Blender 2.62, I have a spot light with the halo on (volumetric lighting). I also have an object with a cloud texture with z transparency, so part of the object is opaque and part is transparent. I can see through the transparent portions of the object but for some reason, I can’t get the volumetric light to move through the object. I am trying to use the solid/transparent portion of the textured object to create light rays. Is this possible with Blender?

Any help is appreciated!!

The halo option for spot lamps has various limitations that restrict the total number of cases it will work well in, for actual light rays for transparent objects, you will want to encase the scene in a volumetric material through which the light will be scattered and thus visible as a beam.