Volumetric material render of birthing stars in nebula- material only - no particles

Here I am working on a volumetric rendering to give the impression of new born stars igniting and pushing away nebulous dust and gases outward. Below is a video and a screenshot of my node editor. Any suggestions welcomed.

Here is the screenshot of the node setup. recollecting that the voronoi texture is merely an algorithm performed on randomly placed points in space and how they relate to one another through and intensity gradient, I used it as both the stars as a point in space representing the placement of the stars and the gradient effect of the intensity to animate or mask out the noise texture that was the surrounding gas. I animated the color ramp coming from the voronoi texture to get this effects of gas dissipating around the star. It is a WIP so the stars don’t do anything yet but I hope to have the igniting at different intervals and pushing the surrounding gas as the local star ignites. I hope to do this all in the node editor within volumetric materials. I think it can be done.