Volumetric spotlight glitching through curve?

Does anyone know why you can see my spotlight through the object (which is this curve) in this scene?

Good evening, @Jeremy_Weed! This may have something to do with the issue discussed here:

If that doesn’t fix it for you, let us know and give us a little more info about your scene, version of Blender, what you’ve already tried to do to fix it, etc. Those details are all great clues we need to solve this mystery!

That worked perfectly!

But the scene is too large for the clipping :frowning:

I’m using Blender 2.83.2.
This could provide a tiny bit more information on what I’m trying to achieve (but it also leads to another problem):


I assume you are not looking for a volumetric effect more of a glow/bloom? in that case I would suggest a emission shader or using some compositing nodes to have a sort of overlay effect ( I am more familiar with After Effects compositing at the moment)

Peter Steel

This is the sort of effect I’m going for:
(to see it actually in action, it’s here )

I’m not actually too familiar with compositing, any pointers on how I could do that?