Volumetrics and Reflections

Hi there, I’m having an issue trying to light a scene with thick fog. I’ve got a directional light serving as a bright moon, then a volumetric cube encompassing a plane with an ocean modifier. The ocean has low roughness.

Now the volumetric fog is naturally causing the moon to turn into a bright hazy region as you would expect, but the reflection of the light on the ocean surface is still crisp. It looks completely wrong. Is Cycles doing something silly here, or is it me? How would one get around this?

The reflection is correct. You see that the water is a bit brighter were the Haze is. You just can´t see a sun lamp, therefore you can´t see what is causing the crisp reflection.
If you used a spere instead of a sun lamp you would see the “moon” on the sky.

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Of course! I feel like a bit of an idiot now. Of course you can’t see a sun lamp.

I had been fiddling around for so long with the volumetrics, and at some values it sharpens up the light from the lamp into an almost circle, that my brain apparently turned into mush somewhere along the way.