Volumetrics works in viewport but not render

Hi Friends!
I am working on a project where I want to have some strong cones of light created by spot lamps and it is working in the viewport the way I want but when I look through the camera it volumetric effect almost disappears. Has anyone else run into this? Does anyone know how to get around it? I have tried both the principled volume and the volume scatter, just in case it was the shader but that did not fix it.

Is that a World volume material, or do you have something like a big box containing the scene that has the volume material on it?

Its a box with a volumetric material

Eevee has really limited support for volumetric objects at the moment. You always get a box type volume regardless of the object shape, but that should potentially work for you here. As a guess it might not be working right when the camera is inside the volume object. Going to play with it here.

So, I think I got something that will work. I played around with the camera end clipping and it seems that if it is cranked up too high, it will not read the smoke/fog anymore from the volumetrics. Maybe this will get fixed in the stable release.

Try an old release? I did some work with volumetrics on EEVEE and it worked for me. I used the build of 2019-05-03 21:09 for the renders but was a bit unstable to work with, where the 2019-04-07 00:43 was simply not showing any volumetrics but is very stable on my machine. Also if you are working in EEVEE and feel like experimenting a bit there is a guy testing an add on to mix EEVEE with Cycles shadow passes. Maybe you can try it out to help development :slight_smile: ?
Here’s the link:

This problem is still ongoing.

Yup, I’ve just run into it. Frustrating.

It happened to me when I forgot to check the enable/disable in renders (while the enable in viewport was OK ) for the object volume in the outliner.