Volumic lighting is really noisy, any workarounds for this?

So I’ve been working with volumic lighting and I’ve found that when working in some scenes, I can get good results with something like 600 samples along with the other standard optimizations(clamp, filter glossy, etc.) but once I decide to get some volume effects(added a volume scatter to the scene), the noise got way worse and the only solution I can find so far is to crank the samples all the way up to 2400. Most of the information I can find for optimizing your renders doesn’t deal specifically with volume and I was wondering if there are some settings I can use to improve performance that I’m missing.

Much thanks in advance.

On the Sampling control panel switch to branched path tracing and bring up the number of samples for VOLUME.

Hmm, I made some improvement, but nothing dramatic in terms of improved render time. I’m wondering if perhaps there is some way to render out the volume in a separate pass, blur it, and then comp it over the beauty pass. Or is there some way to get a utility pass like a z-depth of motion vector, but with light paths, and use it to drive a filter in post? Maybe use it in conjunction with a mist pass?