Voluntary modeling work for a Prison Escape animation.

Hey all you guys :smiley: I’m James and this is actually my first post in this forum :o Exciting, isn’t it? Well, I have been planning making some kind of animation based on escaping from a prison for a long time. First off before I get in to any kind of script making etc… I need to do a few tests on animation since this would be pretty much my first proper animation project, and plus, I’m pretty sure tests always help rather than just going “Balls to the walls” and jumping straight in headfirst. However, this is going to be exceptionally hard for me since I know near to nothing on the whole modeling process, although I do know a little about rigging, but i’m not extremely strong on that either.

All in all, I need help from talented individuals to get some character and stage models going on. Unfortunately, I can not pay since I’m only 14; Look age doesn’t mean everything! Infact, maybe by doing this I could prove that statement, hm.

IF you are willing maybe adding jameyjam99 (me) on skype would be a good idea, since these models might not be the final design.

For aesthetics of the animation I want it to be pretty cartoon looking, with the characters being rather short and having the more rounded look to them. Along with the scenes/stages being slightly more stylized than realistic.

I’m not sure how many people will actually reply to this, but hey I can always be hopeful since these are the kind of models I’m looking for (Of course if you really feel the need you can model some other things to do with the jail escape setting):


Protagonist Prisoner with optional rigging. - This character should look somewhat unique, do whatever you can think of with him, remember to still have the orange outfit design though.

Prisoner characters with optional rigging. - These characters should wear the stereotype orange outfits and can all look fairly similar, with just small adjustments to colors or body sizes.

Guard characters with optional rigging.- There is no particular guard that has to be different from the rest since I’m not planning a specific guards being a main character, So the design would be pretty much the same as the prisoners except with the stereotypical blue guard suits.


Overall prison - The prison does not necessarily have to all be in one thing, you can make the seperate places inside it if you really want to, e.g The kitchen or Work area. However, if you can, it would be nice to see one whole model.

Secret prison areas - These areas are places that would need to be made seperately, they include little designed areas that contain weapons, you can pretty much think of what you want since they’d only need to be basic rooms.

Outside Mining area - Just a stylized mining area with various ore

Outside/Front of prison - The front of the prison containing A gate, and various guard towers.


I just generally need weapons, these can range from a pistol to a chainsaw. Be creative, what would you like to see a prisoner murder a guard with? This also includes weapons the police would hold; Basically just different types of rifles.


When it comes to the time I will eventually need other miscellaneous items such as food etc… however, this is not important at this stage.

That is all from me, thank you in advance and I hope this can all work out :slight_smile: ~ Barldonkulous

Do you have any concept art/doodle or rough idea of what these characters look like, and the level of realism required?
Also, what rendering engine will you use?
This sounds like a very unique project, I would be interested in helping if I have the time.

where will you get textures from? ( I recommend FilterForge if you can afford it)

I don’t actually have any concept art as of now, I do however wish to get something up. I’m not a great drawer but I’m sure I could get a few things up just as a basic idea, mind you, it’d be great if I could get someone to do some concept art with me, i’ll be on that asap and if anyone reading this is any good, just contact me.
As for the render engine, I’ll probably end up using Cycles.

I’ll look in to this at a later date, thank you for the recommendation though.


I would like to assist with the models you have requested. I have worked with Blender for over two and a half years now; my main skill is 3D modeling.

This is a portfolio I created with models that are most relevant to the project.

Additional work can be provided upon request.

I can be contacted here, via PM, or my Skype name is (s_h_campbell).

Thanks, Spencer C.

I could do concept art in the near future. I think what you need first is a script. Anyway I would love too do modeling for this, although I think having the prison as one model would be inconvenient as it would be difficult to work with in the 3d view. Fell free to look at my work, I have not posted much on here because I usually focus on long term projects. My Skype and email is [email protected]

Are there any examples/inspiration you could give for the character proportions?

I see your point here, I’ll try and get a script down pretty soon also the same with the prison, doing it in different parts would be much more convenient. As for the character proportions, this is where i’m stuck, I’m not sure what I completely want with them because some things just wouldn’t fit with the setting. However, I’ve also got to keep in mind I don’t want the prisoners looking too evil or cringy since they are the main part; I need them to be very aesthetically pleasing. Tell you what, I’ll email you and we can discuss more of what they could look like there.

The character style here is not really what i’d be looking for, however with a little bit of adjustments on textures I think you could make a pretty good weapon maker for the project. Tell you what, PM me when you want and I can discuss more about it.

“First off before I get in to any kind of script making etc… I need to do a few tests on animation since this would be pretty much my first proper animation project, and plus, I’m pretty sure tests always help rather than just going “Balls to the walls” and jumping straight in headfirst.”

Actually, by not having a script you are going “Balls to the wall”. A script helps you lay out models you will need and how long things will take. It also, help refine character aspects (moody, upbeat, evil, etc…) so that you have a better idea during concept art. Without a script you could model tons of things that don’t actually get used. That’s a waste of time.

All that said, good luck and happy blending.

Ah yeah this is true. Its just I wanted just something tiny to test on, the list I made would be everything included later. Thanks for the help and I to get those characteristics it would be great if I had a script. Right now however it would be nice to have some people just willing to help, rather than getting the models ready straight away because a script isn’t going to be completed easily.

I would be happy to help with script as well

I made gun, but it isn’t yet completed.