Volunteer Artist for game project

Hi, we are 2 senior developper based in Switzerland who are working on an independant project on our spare time. The aim is to go commertial at some point but for now there is no retribution.

We are looking for an artist that would be interested in investing some time on the project in hope for the future. For now he would be the first one so the one taking the artistic decisions.

Skills required: high poly modeling and low poly transform. Texturing and a bit of 2d for the small in-game UI. For the first version we are not planning to have any animations. A very good understanding of uv, tangent, bi-tangent, normal mapping, specular map etc…
Being able to put few bones as well for programmation/attachement purpose.

Please ask general questions in that thread or pm me for more specific questions on the project.
I’m not talking about the project itself because I don’t want to spread ideas.
Have a good day.

I can understand you don’t want to give out details about the game, but can you give us some general information of what type of game you are trying to develop? RPG, FPS, Online, Fantasy, Nowadays, Sci-Fi, … things like that?

The game is mainly an FPS kind with some strategic and tactics in it.
Some elements will be persistent and the distribution will be exclusivly online through our own servers.
It takes place in a completly invented space and time but the genre could be assimilated as modern/futuristic. Steampunk could also work I guess, depends on the artist as well.

The platform is PC but we are thinking ahead so we could port it to both x360 and PS3 if we think it’s worth the time. We both have the competences for the port if necessary.

Don’t hesitate to ask more about it, I’ll try to say as much as I can without harming.