[Volunteer Contract] Permafrost Development. Open Positions: Animator [NDA]


I am Ario and I am the proprietor of a small company/studio under the name Permafrost Development.

We are a small international team based in Sweden/India with a composer based in USA. and looking for an 3D Artist and an Animator for a Historical RPG.

What I can disclose about the project is that it is the first in a series that will depict two turbulent ages in Scandinavian history. the 800s and the 1300s.
The players will follow two main protagonists, one Real character based on written accounts and archeological evidence from the 800s.
And one Fictional character of a sort of archetypal persona from the 1300s Scandinavia.

Both the story and the world is created Historically Accurate, All from how the kingdoms evolved down to the way the made planks from logs and to the way they made glass beads.

Misty day at Birka Harbor. Ca. 800 A.D.

One thing else I can disclose is that we are working on a fully developed demo right now, for which we have most of the main games already systems created, but one thing that will be left out of the demo will be the attack system.
The demo is thus a Non-violent Demo with an intruiging part of the main story, a Demo that features the “Attack system” will be made afterwards.
The idea behind making the demos is for the most part for pre-marketing purposes, but the idea is also that this could generate enough interest for us to get funded by one of the possible investors we have had talks to.

The team:

Me - Project Leader/Developer, 3D Artist, Writer etc.
Aniket- (Lead) Programmer, Writer
OJA- Composer

On our webpages you’ll find out more about us:

https://twitter.com/PermafrostDevs/ http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-absence

http://salvadoria.com/ (Composers website)

Remember to also check out our Blog for posts about our studio, development and historical research., it’s linked on the website, but to make it easier;


(We just started the blog, so bear that in mind when you realize how few posts at this time xD )

Available Positions:
3D - Modeler

Mandatory Skills for 3D-Artist:

[B]-> 18+ Years of Age.
-> Modeling Low/Medium Poly Meshes with baked Normals.
-> UV Atlasing several Models together.
-> Being able to work from Reference pictures
-> Creating Masking Textures for the different materials in the UV
-> No Texturing (I create the texturing

The 3D Artist will at first help me in recreating the remaining amount of objects of the large amount of objects/finds from 800s Birka. Then after the demo our focus will shift to the next Town “hub” in our game and do the same.

Mandatory Skills for Animator (To work with Mocap animations):

-> 18+ Years of Age.
-> Knows Motionbuilder, or alt. Maya
-> Can retarget character for Motionbuilder<->Mocap setup.
-> Able to Clean-up Mocap Data
-> Able to create seamless animation loops in motionbuilder

The Animator will help with cleaning up MoCap Data making them gameready for our characters.

[/B]This applies for both applicable positions:

Before we actually start working together we will have to draft and sign a contract which will stipulate all the terms legally.
This contract will also secure a position in the company/studio for our future games.

You can add anything whatever you create/work on to your portfolio, some work I will require you to wait with adding to your portfolio until after release, in the interest of the marketing.

Send Applications/resumes to:

[email protected]

and send any questions to

[email protected]

Cheers and have a great day!
@ Permafrost Development



For anyone interested in knowing, I am going to the Archery Club in my city this week, to record some archers using our Mocap equipment, then I am also going to the towns SCA Community/Association to record some re-enactors metalworking and jewellry-making etc.

Things are coming along! :slight_smile:


We welcome Rolland to the team and we are updating the positions we are looking for

Available Position(s):

Animator - 1

18+ Years of Age.
Experienced in Motionbuilder, Maya.
Retarget character for Motionbuilder<->Mocap setup.
Clean-up Mocap Data.
Create seamless loops of MoCap data in motionbuilder.