Volunteer Crew of Artists Needed!

Looking to expand your portfolio?

Come work for our no budget film! haha http://www.videocopilot.net/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gif

Hi! My name is Samuel Mancas and I am the Effects Supervisor for a start up production in Atlanta.

It should be noted that this project will begin in December. We are simply putting out feelers and seeing who would be interested and we want to start to lining up a crew.

We are in the pre production stage of a short action film with no budget.

We are writing the script and gathering actors and crew together at this time.

We are working off of people who have a passion to create and need a job to challenge their creative ability.

We need 3D artists will to create and model space ships and more.

We also need talented artists that are good with 3D txtering and compositeing.

Getting the picture? We are going to have a lot of complicated effects, 3D tracking, 3D modeling. And then compositing. All of it will need to be realistic.
If your good at one thing that is ok, let me know, I will find someone who is good at the other half!

Ready to push the limits of your knowledge?

All we can offer is something to put in your portfolio and a great recommendation from us if you get the job.

To apply just post here and I will contact you! Or send me a e-mail at [email protected]

In it include samples of your work. And way you are interested in the project.
Thanks for your time!

Hey dude sounds interesting! Would love to help but I’d need a bit more info on specifically what you would have in mind! :wink:
Follow the road on my blog here. http://www.jakejayeden3d.blogspot.co.uk/p/3d-test-builds.html?m=1 .On 3D test builds and see what you think, let me know and if there is anything I could kinda prepare for or demo, I mean it’d be the 3D modelling or compositing I can do but I’d have to do my work in blender, whether that be in BI or cycles. I do have a mini project planned with that robot, so if u wanted to see it when its finished, let me know. Good luck!

Thanks for your reply!
To give a update on the project.
We got 2 artists right now but we need a few more to help with some of the bigger effects.

And we have a 2ed draft to the script. It is called Extinction of Another Kind. It is a short sci fi action film. The story takes place on a quarantined planet that the space ship has crashed on. If you anyone is interested I will be more then happy to send the script on over :slight_smile:

The biggest effect we need help with right now is a spaceship crashing and fly through space :slight_smile:


Yes, im interested, but you need to let me know if there is anything i can help with, be it concept art, modelling and texturing! The ‘bigger effects’ can be easily done with fractures and particle systems, could have a blast at it if you gave me the 3d models and how you want the scene to look and maybe the script will help! (unless you need the models done aswell lool :D) :smiley:
Email me if u want: [email protected]
BTW Short name is pretty sound, no existing project with that name!