Volunteer - Gameplay Trailer (Horror Game in Development)

Helo! We are ‘R2 GameStudio’, a small team of Independent Game Developers.

Our Current Project:

We are currently working on the development of the game “Volunteer ', a horror game in first person (FPS). All development is being done on Blender and BGE.

We just launched the first gameplay trailer on our Channel:

The game will be released on Steam, but has no release date. To set a date will depend on the support we have in Patreon, as it will determine the progress in development.

A Summary of the Story of the Game: 'An ex-soldier wakes up from a coma where he was a voluntary blood donor at a clinic that actually hides experiments on modifications in human and animal DNA. Something got out of control while he was in a coma and now he finds himself alone trying to to come out alive from the place infested with bloodthirsty creatures. ’

Developing games requires costs that go beyond our possibilities, so we made a PATREON (https://www.patreon.com/r2gamestudio), so that we are able to fund and focus entirely on project and make them come true. Thanks in advance for your support.

Soon we will post more news. Also follow our Youtube Channel and Instagram for more updates on the project.