Volunteer project for now. Help needed with making a game and possibly sell it?

I’m horrible at programming but, very good in the art department and okay with the logic of the game.
I have a mishmash of assets that I have been working with in an attempt to make the python aspects and am failing miserably.
I only need a programmer to help with a functional template that I could add assets to later. I’m a one-man show so, it’s been very hard.
Yeah, I realize it’s a lot to ask for a volunteer job (only for now because, broke) but, whoever helps will be greatly rewarded if the game sells.
Lots of question marks but, it’s all I have for now.
I have a lot of good ideas for this game and will keep the community posted on any major updates on the art and concept end if I get no help. If I get no help now, it’s fine. I just want it known that I do.

The project will be a 2.5d game revolving around a male and female character. The player will be able to actively choose between the two for specific tasks. The male uses pakour to navigate and uses bullet time while the female can navigate small ventilation shafts and can climb rapidly, use Echolocation in areas that night vision goggles and unusable, and see a few seconds into the future to avoid major dangers. Skills will be upgraded as threats grow and environments increase in difficulty. The game is based on a scavenger hunt left by the female’s deceased mother about the dangers that lie ahead.

my github (click on avatar for web link) has a template for platformer-ish type setup.

its quite complex yet flexible. im going to update it with cinematic and scalability improvements. switching characters is fully supported. i was even hoping to make a “three vikings” type demo.