Volunteer wanted for 3D modelling & animation of space station in web series pilot

Hi all,

I’m looking for a modeller and animator to model and animate a rotating space station, called space station unity.

This is going to be used for a sci-fi web series pilot, which we plan to film later this year.

the web series is called Abdul’s and is a story of a restaurant owner that opens a kebab house in space station unity, which is mid way between earth and moon. Space Station Unity, as the name suggests, is collaboration of private and public corporation between all nations of the earth who have build the station for the benefit of all human kind. Abdul’s is one of the first commercial businesses openening in the station.

The web series is based on an open source sci-fi universe “Space Faring Civilisation”. You can find out more info on the open source universe and Abdul’s on our YouTube channel. Just do a search on space faring civilisation (uk spelling).

we plan to make the pilot the best we can, on a no budget. However we intend to do a crowd funding campaign to make the first season of webpisode. There will be 9 episodes in the season each around 15-19 mins long.

we have written the script for the pilot and have done a few concept arts. We are currently in Pre-production until we ready to film with cast and crew.

we are looking for 3D modeller and animator to join us at this stage to get some of the physics right of a station that uses centrepedal force to generate artificial gravity. Also to get some preliminary animation of the outside and inside of the station first and then the final rendered animation during post production.

please contact me if you are interested and have the ability to do this. You will of course get full credit in the webseries pilot, as well as you will be listed in space faring civilisation website as contributor.

Prefer if if you have done something similar.
For the pilot it’ll be volunteer work, but it could lead to paid work if our crowd funding is successful.

any questions contact me.

sorry for long post, there’s lot more I’d like to share. It’s just hard to do in text. Please look at our videos on YouTube for more info.