Volvo 122\amazon

I am working on a Volvo amazon\122 1965 modell that I am trying to make into a prostreet hotrod type of car. it is widened 15 cm and the roof is chopped 5 cm from the original to get it to look wider and lower. But the detailing could be better. The tires could also be better.
What you think?


Here is a wire of the body of the car… is there anything i could improve?

How did you model this? Like, did you use a blueprint or did you just look at the car modeled it like that?

Because it isn’t bad, it’s just a little box-y is all. You might want to try and round it out a bit. And maybe work on the materials.

Well this is my third try on a car. and i used blueprints from and some reference pictures. I have since been working with materials. Could post updted renders tomorow.

By the way. here is the hood wires

Here is a new render of it with somewhat improved materail. there is somethings there i would need to fix in the mesh still though.

More renders. New rims. sidepipes on the dark bluish car.

Very nice :slight_smile: I just feel that the roof could profit from some more edge loops, It looks flat to me

Added two seats. modelled it after the Cobra misano seats

Here is the backrests of the cobra seats. The modelling is not perfect but most of it will be hidden anyway. Is therre someone who know about a good carbonfibre material let me know.

another wiev of the car. Added subwoofer ports in the back and door panels. Left to do is the dash and all the things on it.

Is there anyone who has a tutorial for how to make instruments like speedometer and such. I have looked into text following path curve in gimp. But then the text is skewed too. Please help.

I made rollcage and dashboard with a stearingwheel of my design.

For things like that, most people just use a texture for the speedometer. That is way too much back aching detail for most. What I do to make the dashboard, is make the out line of it first, fill it in, then use boolean to punch out a hole for the view finders and gauges. It really helps and it makes me cry less… :slight_smile:

I have scoured the internett using google to try to find the right texture for the speedometer but it is really hard to find any.

Dude! We are Blender Heads! We can make anything!
You can make/texture your own dash! Your awesome! You’re a Blender Head! :smiley:

Trying my best to find a tutorial for making speedometer/gauges in gimp. But since I am a complete newbie with gimp its hard.

Yeah… Gimp is pretty hard… but it shouldn’t be that hard.

Nearly done? Or what you think? There is so much more to do with the car. But due to sickdom I have not been able to work on it much lately.