Volvo p1800

currently modeling a Volvo p1800 as a “side project” to my home office scene. My plan is to reconstruct this model as detailed as possible ( exterior and interior, not speaking of engine, and parts that are not visible). There are some dents I noticed in my test renderings I need to fix, but I am pretty satisfied how it came out so far.
Hopefully I wont give up on it, like I did on my Audi SQ5.


here another one from perspective view:


Wow, very nice work! It looks very clean, can you post a wireframe?

Love that car. It looks really good. :slight_smile: Looking forward to see it progress.

Hey, thanks a lot. :slight_smile:
Sure, I will add some wireframes when I am back home, currently dont have that file with me.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey, here you have some wireframes, not finished optimizing yet, so you might find som weird parts:

Brilliant, Love it, what more can I say!

I shall watch this with interest, such a nice looking car too. Wasn’t this the car “The Saint” (Roger Moore, 1960’s TV programme) used with the UK registration ST1?

Cheers, Clock.

Nice man! I did this car myself a couple of years back and its kind of a tricky car to model with all the angles and fens and whatnot. But yours is looking good!

My father is actually restoring this car right now, and have been doing it for about 5 years now. Replacing or restoring every nut and bolt, and improving some things that Volvo didnt do right from the factory. I bet Roger Moore approves!

Nice and clean (the rear lights look a bit odd though), i like your topology.

They did have dinky little tail lights back in those days. There’s a pic of the real thing here from much the same angle (I won’t hotlink it). The model looks right to me.

Hey Clockmender, thank you for your kind words.
Yes I think it was the same car. But I didnt know this TV programme, little bit to early for me :smiley:

Thats cool, have you posted your work anywhere on the internet? Came across some renders of a p1800, while searching for reference.
I wish you good luck and fun with your restauration project :slight_smile: As a person with almost no knwoledge of cars you have my respect :wink:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I think the look of the rear lights will drastically change when adding the chrome parts, but we’ll see!

Thats true, compared to todays standards they are pretty small. :slight_smile:

Nice! Both the choice of model and the execution!

This really looks great.It still needs a door.Unless you don’t want one.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

thanks, yes, it still needs a door, I’ve already seperated it from the rest of the model, but need to bevel the edges to make it visible.
Apart from the doors it lacks much more, like wheels,etc :smiley:

Will post an update soon, but havent added enough to present it yet.

Some progress. Those chrome parts were really time consuming.


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Currently working on windshield wipers:

Yup… well, I don’t remember the registration, but it was definitely the 1800. White, but I don’t think it had an ejector seat. :wink:

Very nice, love the smooth topology of your work too. Makes me realize I am light years away from creating anything looking as realistic as this. Can’t wait to see the finished project. I will be following the posts. Keep it up, its looking great!

Hey, thanks a lot for your kind words. I’ve been learning the techniques I am still using today for modeling cars from the camaro training DVD from CGMasters, but I think this one is not available for purchase anymore.
But at the end its just a lot of training, so just try not to get demotivated.
If you not having fun anymore, go on to another project, and remember the things you learned in you previous work. That’s at least how I approach it, and I still have fun doing it. Unfortunately I still have nothing finished yet, so that’s a big issue with that :smiley:

Added frontbumper, rear bumper and Volvo Logo, finished the windshield wipers and started with the side mirrors. Hard to find a good view of those mirrors.