Volvo P1800

A Volvo P1800 I created in Blender 2.79.
2048 Samples + denoiser
2560x1440 (approx. 4 hrs Render time on cpu? Maybe more, didn’t note that)
Filmic Colour Management (Base Contrast)

It took me more than half a year to finish this due to lack of motivation at some points :smiley:
But I a pretty proud that I actually finished something this time!

For texturing I used Quixels 3DO and NDO (took me some time to figure out how to use this software, part of my motivation problem) with the Pixar Renderman Export presets.
I only used the Principled Shader in this one.

It worked quite well but some adjustments had to be done in Blender.


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Quick Scene I put together, it needs some more work, but at this time I felt like this project needed an end :slight_smile:

Slightly weathered look, HDRI from (really impressive high quality stuff)

Very Impressive!

Still, a very impressive job!
I love the Interior! The mesh looks very clean, clean UV-Unwrapping und great texturing. The artwork turned out pretty solid and realistic, wasn´t expecting that :wink:
You got my stars !

That’s just wow!

great work ,from the original no difference, if someone see this picture and didnt know that this made in Blender they think it is a original picture from this Car

nice work mate!

Thanks a lot, Shenfara! :slight_smile:

Thank you, I am glad I surprised you with the result, your feedback was very helpful to get to that. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Thats the best compliment one can receive :yes:

Thanks a lot, ahuri! :slight_smile:

Nice job, I like the choice of an P1800.

Excellent choice in car and well done on the model.

Wow, awesome renders! I love the soft teal tint. It gives makes the images so “calm” - And it is matching the lighting as well.
I thought the environment render was a reference image. :slight_smile:

Thank you Dan, really nice to hear that from a skilled artist like you :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, Datseen :slight_smile: