Volvo v60 Champagne Visualization

Hey Guys!

Hope you are all doing okej!

I usually don’t render on backplates, always try to do full cgi. But i figured i would give it a try :slight_smile:
I worked some more on my automotive shaders to really push them to a realistic state :slight_smile:
The post work was done in PS, stuff like the caustics and glare was added in post.

Final render

I Used HDRI and backplate!
Rly cool stuff he is producing for automotive stuff, so credit to him for the HDRI.

And i Used Fspy to get the camera angle right to the backplate.



One of the coolest and photorealistic renders I’ve ever seen!:sunglasses: Keep up!!

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Like this render!
I’ll definitely try to do something similar)

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Thank you :smile::smile:

Snyggt! Looks really good.

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Wow very nice work mate!

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Can You please refer me a tutorial on how to use HDRi as a background (backplate) like this render?

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@Ztreem Tackar :smiley:

@ahuri Oh thx mate! :smiley:

@Techno-Sachin i actually don’t think there are any good one on YouTube? Or at least i haven’t found any, maybe i’l throw together one


amazing work… i had a question. Why do u set the specular all the way to 1 for car paint ? like in the laferrari one

Tank you! In this its not anymore, i remade the shaders for the paint, in the laferri one it was a bit off. But in the laferrari one i wanted to create a high contrast paint, but for the volvo its not spec 1

actually i am also working on a car … can u pls suggest a car shader as mine always looks off

seemingly c30 and yet its v60

nice artwork

why there is light reflection at the bottom of front wheel?
it feels weird (but maybe its correct, dunno)

Tank you!

I actually don’t think that is correct, i’l call it a technical error :wink: On the screen i did the post processing on it looked black, but now i see on my phone its still some reflections down there.
As i crank up the HDRI to get a brighter GI, dark areas in the HDRI get more light to. It should be darker, i darkened it in post, but not enough i see XD

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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Thank you! The same to you!

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this render inspired me so much, though i am suck at matching the lighting with the backplate…

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Thank you! Well the main thing with matching the lighting and backplate is using a backplate that was taken at the same time as the HDRI was made, otherwise some lighting will be off, the HDRI and backplate i used is linked above :slight_smile:
But i know got backplates for most of there HDRIs :slight_smile:

Then to get the angle and camera settings right for the backplate i used Fspy :slight_smile:

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