Vonzaku's Sketchbook

This is my sketchbook. I want to showcase my Blender creations as well as to showcase the development of my skill which I hope to improve. Criticism is always very welcome.

EDIT (27/6/17):
As an experiment I’m going to use treat this thread sort of like a semi-blog to discuss what’s on my mind when time I post a new image.

EDIT (14-11-17)
In fact, this is a WIP thread and Sketchbook because everything I do feels like WIP of the skill I’m attempting to develop.



Hello! Thank for your kind words in my eternal WIP.
I can see that you are into characters also. Keep it up!!!
And if I can give you just one advice, use references.

No worries :slight_smile:
Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. I’ll make more of an effort to use references.

Still have a lot to learn. Would like to retopologise soon. I just wanted to study from a reference. I’ve done more head sculpts but all of that work is on another laptop.

I think of all the things I enjoy doing is head sculpting. In fact, a majority of my work on DeviantArt is just sketches of portraiture (which isn’t that good).

reference: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/09/f2/92/09f2921e8cd2f08d83c80d804478b9bf.jpg

Plans and aims:

Presently I’m very nearly done on a character modelling course on CG Cookie. I want to finish it by 2/7/17.

I’m going to start this head sculpting course by Yanal Sosak I just bought next week on 3/7/17​.

I also want to start modelling everyday items as an exercise in order to learn new things and improve.

I’m also going to finish CG Cookies’ the Fundamentals of Shading by tomorrow (28/6/17).

Well, here’s another head sculpture. I studied a male reference image this time. Had difficulty with ear. I’ll need to work on ears more. (ref:http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ElkdgSQg3Yc/S8ZVu_VnrYI/AAAAAAAAAI0/Qciry1AkUhY/s1600/ref1.jpg)


It was just a small project. I know there is a lot of room for improvement, but I just needed to put something out there. I’m going to do another small project and as time goes by increase the sizes of my projects. I learn much more when doing projects.


Another Walk Cycle Project

So I decided to do a chibi style low poly model of Haman Karn from Mobile Suit Gundam. I wanted to use her for another walk cycle. I really want to practice this. Next week I’m going to study the fundamentals of animation, the fundamentals of rigging and work on modelling/sculpting characters. I’m doing this sculpting course I downloaded on the side as well.

Eh it’s an attempt sculpting Zoe Saldana. I’ve used a ton on references from all over. I know it doesn’t look like her that much; I’ve been working on this for a while and I just want a rest from it. I’ll probably put her on hiatus as I want to get on with a bunch of other things.


You really improve a lot by using references!!!
Here are some things I find need fixing:

  1. nasolabial fold.
  2. proportions of the lips.
    3 shape of the nose.
    4 shape of the eye, folow the lines! search for tipe of eye shapes
    5 shape of the braw, just copy the curve exactly!
    6 Temporal line look for skulls
    7 superciliar arch and frontal eminence
    8 just look how the ear conect to the skull.
    9 idem
    10 try to think in lines, and then soften
    11 top lip on front becouse of the teeth,
    12 Nose again
    13 folow that line, is very important for the sadows of the eye.
    14 ear inclination, 15º more or les
    15 the profail is so important you can’t miss it, it has to be just perfect.
    16, the orbit of the eye
    17 the check bone

18 not in the picture, but the chin is really diferent!

Good luck! and sorry for my english!

Wow thanks for taking the time to looking into that. I’ll definitely take all of this on board and get back to work next week when I get a day off work.

My current WIP. I decided to start from scratch with a different base mesh I made. I’m trying to make it look like a bronze statue. I’m working on the torso at this moment. I’ll do legs tomorrow. Hands, feet and head different times. Aim to finish this by end of next week.

I think this looks like a better bronze look:

Decided to leave it like this and mode onto another project. I did my best but I think the next step is to focus on individual body parts, more study of the body and better methods of sculpting and modelling. Hands and feet seem to be a struggle for me.

Nose Study 1

Gonna focus on more tonight. With music and a Nice mug of tea.

Hmmm… Need more practice. I limited myself to one hour with this one.

As much as I like sculpting. I want to learn more about topolgy. Ideally a face capable of being animated.
initially the aim was to capture the likeliness of the nose but it turned into this. I think I’ll focus more on capturing the likeliness of certain parts of the face (especially eye and eye area).

I’ll do ear and finish head by tomorrow…

Sort of finished.

  1. I can’t model ears – I’m going to have to take time to study a method.
  2. I’ve never actually completed a head/face using edge modelling so I still have much to learn and study.

Edit: I can already see anatomical mistakes when looking back on it. I’ll fix it all… and do hair probably.

I was just testing out doing hair using beziers. It’s good for that anime look… I was just playing around. I’m going to practice this and learn doing hair using particles.


Okay. This is the first time I’ve done hair using particles. Not too bothered much about the face/head in this. I’m just testing stuff out and learning things. I’m just dabbling ways of learn how to do hair on Blender.