Voodoo and Blender 2.59...

Hello everybody!
I have the 2.59 release of blender and have discovered that the voodoo script does not work at all for it. So does anyone know where i can download blender 2.51-3 possibly so that i can run the script there then open it in 2.59? If not does anyone know a program or something that can fix the script. Ive already tried ther 2.49 to 2.5 but the script didn’t run because it was for 2.5x.:frowning:


it still doesn’t work anyone know the problem? Here’s the script file:

and its named teapot for a video i am working on

You know there are two export options from Voodoo, right? One for 2.49 and one for 2.5x

I was playing with voodoo once - don’t remember what version of blender I was using… Anyway, the problem is simply this - blender’s python api has changed a lot during development. I opened your python script in blender and ran it, got an error message in line 42 - AttributeError: ‘Scene’ object has no attribute ‘set_frame’ - I looked into this when I was playing with it and the name ‘set_frame’ was changed to ‘frame_set’. So I had to change that name every place in the script and it worked fine for me. Now I do remember trying it again in a newer version, and ran into another name change error, but don’t remember what it was. You may run into a lot of these AttributeErrors as it was at least 9 months ago when I played with it and I think the python api has changed alot in that time.

If you can figure out all the name changes, you can fix the script. If you can figure out which version of blender voodoo will work with, you can download that from the link posted above. You could try exporting from voodoo to blender 2.49, run the script, save the file and try opening it in blender 2.59. I have no idea what the best choice is…


alright for 2.49 how do you open a file in 2.5 but keep the 2.5 interface?

Don’t load the ui:-

I would have thought a ‘cooldude’ would know this stuff :smiley:

Why do you don’t try the Tomato branch of Blender? The future camera tracker for Blender? You can find a build on graphicall.org and some nice tutorials on vimeo.com.