Voodoo cam tracker/blender tutorial

I know there used to be a Voodoo/Blender tutorial out there somewhere in 3d space.
Anybody have a link to it? I opened the text editor, put in the voodoo python script, pressed Alt P, got the point cloud, but don’t know what to do next…aaaaarrrrgggg.

The script should also create a camera which matches the movement of the camera in your footage. Depends what you want to do, and how much you already know, but here’re some pointers…

To add the footage as a backdrop in your 3D view go to: View | Background Image… | Use Image, then Load the first image that you used in Voodoo (eg. img0001.tga). Now enable Sequence and Auto Refresh and enter a value for the total number of frames where it says “(0) Frames: 0”.

When you want to render, you’ll probably want to composite your CG footage over your source footage. This can be done with the node editor, with the Image input node and the Alpha over node…

In the node editor select the Composite Nodes icon (second one next to the Node menu in the header) and choose Use Nodes. Now add a Image input node (using spacebar) and load your first image again. Then enter the number of frames again. Add an Apha Over node. Connect the nodes in the way you’d expect and you should be away. All that’s left is to enable Do Composite on the render panel.

Hope that helps.

There’s a tutorial here: