Voodoo Camera Tracker .7

YEEAH Voodoo camera tracker .7 was just released for windows and linux.

  • it now supports free move point estimation
  • nice blender export

Have fun!!

sounds nice… if only i had some video :stuck_out_tongue:


Must play, just got new camcorder, must get tripod, i’me too shakey with excitement :smiley:


Don’t know if this is available everywere but, the vidcam I got is a Medion MD 80324, and I got it from Woolworths (UK) for £99 (its a Hi8 format, old tech I know, has 22x opticle zoom 880x digital zoom, and can work in 0.3 lux).


Edit : heres a link if yer interested:

I highly advise against getting a hi8 camera. If you plan to bring your video into the digital world (i.e. editors, Blender, etc), then I strongly suggest you pay the extra 100 quid to buy a low-end digital camera. Sony makes several models ( Digital 8 ) … and a few older models can still be found that will allow you to run old hi8 and 8mm tapes.

If you insist on getting an analog camcorder, be advised that you will have to purchase an analog to digital conversion card for your computer if you plan to digitize the footage and edit it.

Just my opinion, but you can google magazines like Videomaker and other sources. My opinion seems to be the most popular one now-a-days.


Of course you could get a really good analog camera for 200 quid, new or second hand, analog to digital conversion is not dificult or expensive.
Also don’t forget you need to have the right hardware to transfer DV to PC too.

Well from my initial playings, I can say that this camera is fine, I connect it too my capture card,(tv card) and can edit it in any software I have without problem.
Not every one has the extra 100 quid! remember :smiley:

If I was going to do this sort of thing as a business then I would look around for a good business loan and buy some GOOD gear,
but for home playing purposes this is fine to have a dabble with. :smiley: