Voodoo help

I can’t find any tutorials on how to use it with blender 2.57

Its kinda easy . The instructions at the voodoo site is basic. I went to youtube and searched voodoo tutorial 1520 results . many for Blender

thanks you
but I meant for blender 2.57

I see . Ill do one this afternoon. adding the sequence into blender is the biggest part. The voodoo does all the work with the tracking. not many steps in all. There are 2 tracking setting. I start with the most common "on tripod " the second setting is very cool as you can attach a ( computer generated ) object to another object ( like a moving head )in a movie . I was working on a Stargate movie head gear that grows over the head as the head turns. I was working on this anyway.


thats sounds really cool I gotta try the stargate helmet thing

I downloaded the tutorial but it says it’s empty