voodoo problem

i have a problem. i wanted to use the program voodoo, but when i click on “initial camera” and “ok”, the program turns off.

nobody really can halp me…? please…

Not without more information…

Which version of Voodoo?
Operating system?
Type of sequence you loaded?
Type of camera used?

Console output showing any errors?


version 1.0.1 beta
windows xp home
what’s the type of sequence?
camera in my phone (samsung avila)

warnings when i load sequence:

Warning: o_FImage::ReadPicture: error open file “D:/Documents and settings/s?oma/pulpit/targas/0001.tga” !

Warning: o_CTrackMgr::GetFImage: “D:/Documents and settings/s?oma/pulpit/targas/0001.tga” !

and when i try “initial camera” the same warnings are appearing.

Oh oh…

That could be it. I guess it is having trouble interpreting the stills. Do the images appear in the preview?

I take it the phone didn’t output a series of .tga files though? How did you make the stills, and what came out of the phone?

Possibly you could fix it by resaving the .tga files, or by manually setting the camera parameters. Can you upload a couple of stills from the sequence somewhere?

You are not going to be able to accurately matchmove footage from a cell phone camera.

Phone cameras use what’s called a CMOS chip, and this type of chip has a type of temporal distortion called a rolling shutter. Basically, the top part of the image is an earlier time than the bottom part, but the software can only assume that the whole image is at the exact same time. Rolling shutter = very super bad.

If you want to do any sort of advanced visual effects, you need to buy a camera with a CCD chip in it (or 3CCD, or a RED camera which uses CMOS chips, but the rolling shutter issue is, I’m told, not a factor with those cameras).

EDIT: Here, to demonstrate the rolling shutter problem, do this: Hold the phone vertically, and pan (spin the phone on the z axis) with something perfectly straight and vertical in the shot, like a lamp stand or something. See how the lamp is skewed as you pan across? It SHOULD be perfectly vertical.

i’ve made targas from the movie in blender. just folowing this tutorial:


and there are first 20 shots of the film


The bad news is, I don’t think I can help anymore. :frowning:

The good news is, the sequence loaded and tracked without error. :slight_smile:

Here is the .py if it is any help:-
For the stars read paste (and) all. There is a server bug or virus I think. :confused:

I used Voodoo 1.0.1 on 64 bit linux