voodoo test

Just a little camera tracking test.



That’s awesome. I just found voodoo tonight and I’ve been playing with the sample sequences. It’s pretty awesome! How are you setting up your scene with the image plane and the material for the counter?

Wrong forum. this should be in finished projects or something.

that being said, though, the vid looks very cool. I’d like to see one where you move the camera around :smiley:


how about a video of you quaffing a round of beers with a few aliens? 8)

yep, I think it’s ready for the wip forum.

awesome.i hope you write a tutorial for the basic idea behind that.because i am quite confused about this voodoo magic.


edit: found something about tracking


Very good, but I have a few critiques:

The body does not cast a shadow in the first (long) shot. After this the shadowing seems inconsistent at best and I can actually see it disappear from the floor in one part.

Is the cereal a particle effect or something? It doesn’t look very good - it moves in slow motion and the pieces seem to move outwards too much.

The (real) camera seems to be focused on the metal thing on the far right of the screen (towel rack or something?). This makes the alien look weird because it is very sharply in focus. This is especially evident near the floor.

However, it does fit the camera movement very well, so if that’s really all you were going for I’d call it a success.

I saw this video before, but this looks like an update.

Very good!

Is there audio? If not, it would be cool to have it. looks like a few gulps and belches are need there.