Voodoo tracking


Did anyone had some installation problem with voodoo ?

Here are the steps

I am on LMDE(debian) 64 bits, and when I follow the steps to install, then


It tells me : no such file or directory. Even with 777 permissions. Very strange, I am used to debian system and cannot understand what is going on here…

Anyone had this problem before ?



Sorry I don’t have an solution to your problem, but I have to ask: why do you ask in a blender support forum? you should mail the developers of voodoo. and why do you want to use voodoo? as far as I remember it was very clunky to use, not very stable and isn’t very actively developed.

I’d say stick to the blender 3D tracker, it’s really good. If you just want to try another tracking software, check out a trial of Syntheyes and PFMatchit/PFTrack.