Voronoi 3d geo nodes

Is it possible to somehow recreate this in GeoNodes?

At least with shape already pre-modeled with cell fracture

Is there any way to recreate multi-pipe function?


Want to find out at least if it poosible to recreate Rhino multi-pipe option like this


You may try Skin and Subdivision Surface modifier.

…or have look at this old tutorial from 12 years ago…

or this more recent one…


Yes I saw such options but neither skin nor wireframe modifier creates a structure like a multi-pipe.

It’s always a good idea if asking for something also mentioning the possibilities why was tried or looked after to qualitfy the possible answers. Espically if there are references to a speciafic tool/product.

Also because this option is named in this way maybe it has even some type of copyright (?) so i guess from the blender (foundation) side it will not be natively available.

Another posibiity may be some CSG optione liek mentioned in this thread

…but i do not know if some of them can “full up” mesh nets.

Yes, I partcularly trying to recreate the same algorithm
In multipipe it takes 4-sided tubes and connect them in a way that their endings keep be 4-sided, while no additional faces created

Note how for example on the lower joints in both cases there are 4 rays but joints were generated with different topology due to different angle.

but I can’t quite figure out the algorithm. Recently I was looking for an analog of the smoothboolean plugin and here in another thread it turned out that it can be recreated simply by using geonodes. So I’m not looking for a native function, I’m wondering if this is realistic to reproduce with geonodes.

SDF is a great direction, I’m waiting for conjure SDF for a long time but it’s not about beautiful topology unfortunately.

Another solution could be sverchok & gemeotrynodes :

True procedural voronoi fracture is real pain in the a… in blender. Been waiting for this feature for years. Now it’s only possible by using non precuderal and outdated slow cell fracture addon, or other addons like Sverchok, or workarounds within geonodes by using very dense volume cube or other techniques (all require dense mesh and will be very slow).
So i find optimal solution is to use other software for fracturing for now, and wait for native nodes for this

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I beg to differ:


Wow, that is impressive

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Holy sh…, that’s awesome! You need to promote your nodegroup more, maybe make a video on youtube :slight_smile: It works suprisingly fast on 4.2a.
Now we have to wait for nodes rigid body and with this it will be killer combo )


I think rigid body are available already in geonodes
I saw a course announcement but haven`t checked it yet

Take a look at this…it is a bit of a hack but impressive results…

As noted in the video description, the blur attribute node simplifies this process tremendously:

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