Voronoi shattering tools by Phymec

The best shattering examples i have ever seen in blender:

This could be so handy for mango and me :wink:
Its from phymec and he added the voronoi things into bullet/blender…

Here is the workflow in blender:

and some older stuff from phymec

Ok i didn not know that phymec is chiarusco from the luxrender forum:

Here is the post bullet-engine-forum :

This stuff does indeed look fantastic, soon we’ll nearly have too many toys to play with:)

this one is really close to professional tools like rayfire. I hope to see in the trunk one day…

Especialy the wood shattering (at ca. 5min) makes me crazy!
So insane nice.

Very nice indeed!

Anybody know what’s up with Bullet physics outside of BGE? Is it dropped (I hope not!), or is it waiting for something like the upcoming depsgraph work? Seeing these amazing Bullet videos just makes the lack of RBD in Blender (not BGE) harder to understand.

Dunno, that fracture looks weird to be for some reason…
Maybe because it collapses to very similar sized peaces, and they look kinda smooth…

I guess it’s possible to vary fracture sizes (like the plates and mugs in the video). The smoothness of the pieces can be fixed with textures. Comp’ed with particles and smoke and shorter clips this can really rock.

Edit: One thing though, is some of the pieces really look alive and shaky when they should lay dead.

With a little more elasticity (maybe using softbodies) it might actually come close to DMM ^^

also includes demo source code

Anyway this stuff is already in the trunk or is it under development ?

Two things, if I may.

First of all I’m asking from pure curiosity, if somebody developes such thing inside Blender does he have to share it with community? Does Blender’s licence obligates developer to do that?

Second of all - I think if 10% of things I’ve seen related to Blender would be utterly complete then we would have the greatest programm on earth. Unfortunately most of them remain buggy and never reach testing build at least.

@rozmiarek, Licencing is tricky. But I think he’s only obligated to share the source code if he share the software (assuming that GPL applies)… As long as he keep everything for himself it is fine.

Gustav - interesting… I see Blender’s licence has some pros and cons, it’s hard to convince big studios to use it and develop it the way they want (to fit their pipeline) if everything needs to be shared with community. Moreover I’ve heard that the same thing goes to all the games made in Blender. Is it true that they too should remain open source?


This is just showed inside blender, the tool is an extension for bullet…

Makers_F, true but in that demo Bullet seems to be build into Blender also. he just runs the commands using python instead of using buttons (same results basically)
And seeing as there’s a GSOC project that enables Bullet physics in the viewport. adding the shattering tools wouldn’t be a huge task.

For this one i would donate for sure!
Man blender is knocking on the hollywood doors…

Could the demo be coded within bullet for blender?

Nice example NinthJake!

just for info: Bart (ideasman42) just has incuded phymec’s developement as “Cell Fracture” Addon for Mango. Available in (very) recent builds (about r48650)

To note: this is a python rewrite of initial Phymec work in order to have it sooner. When Campbell think is good enough he will probably rewrite it in C to gain major speed improvements.

thank you so much Campbell! :slight_smile:

here the script: