Voronoi size ?

Trying to make / fake some bubbles with the Voronoi texture, I want to make each one a different size. Is there a way to drive the size by another texture ?

use particles system and select random size !

happy bl

If it’s not used for bubbles is there no way to achieve this ?

The voronoi texture has a fixed value for the distance to the cell, that depends only on the scale of the coordinate system. Varying the scale will change the coordinate system directly and create deformations on the final texture… To overcome this, you can use different voronoi nodes, with different uniform scale, or create a custom voronoi (in osl for example), where you can control the size to each cell independently. Note that this is not as easy as it seams, specially for good looking bubbles, because it doesn’t deal with surface tensions… A simulation with particles would create a better result, but the engine for this must be written from scratch as blender don’t do this kind of calculation itself.

Thanks, will give it a try.