Vortex field and particles

OK… i think I am missing something here because I highly doubt that this is what’s supposed to happen, anyway!.. whenever I use the vortex field with particles it starts to do the vortex thing, but then all the particles just fly off in one direction rather than continuing to spiral… I am trying to figure out a way to make a good whirlwind effect, and having the particles fly off kind of ruins it a little… any help would be great… thanks all…

ive been playing ALOT with particles and force fields recently, well not with vortex, but ive discovered that its much easier to do things with curve guides.
Dno how you would do that, but its worth a try :smiley:

Blender manual is a great source for solving problems follow link below for how to use a lattice to spiral particles




I tried your blend, but it was kind of “over-complex” for what I want to do. I have already had experience with the latice deformation for particles, and I wanted to kno if it was possible to get a swirling effect (like a tornado) with just one vortex field, because whenever I try it the particles swirl for the first few frames and then go off in a straight line… which kind of sucks… is there a way to fix that?