Vortex of Hostility: DM-Core level alpha

Vortex of Hostility is an independent game developed by 5-6 guys from my country and surprisingly still holding together by only enthusiasm for around 2 and a half years. Iv`e been showing weapons made in Blender for this project, and now ill show a first public footage from alpha tests of new deathmatch level DM-Core.

I am showing this in Blenderartists, because a lot of content, that is done my me, is done in Blender, starting from Iron Magpie logo and animation, weapons, level decoration etc.

and Voila:


i will also post here some screenshots soon.

Edit: ahh and it is is WIP thread because the project is still in progress… :wink:

Wow, man, that’s awesome! It looks better than many games made by big companies!

Looks nice. Something jumped though quickly into my eye. Walking through doors the weapon blinks off and the on again. I never worked with this engine but this looks to me like a BSP Portal problem. Nevertheless something nice going there. Any plans on improving on the animations? They look a little bit stiff to me ( what goes for the 1st person weapon view that is ).

The walk cycle bothers me…Reminds me like he is drunk or somthing…I also the weapon doesnt move with the mouse…Not a big deal but might make some people time to get use to…

Kind of reminds me of Half Life 2 Death Match

Great job! Fantastic job with the models and weapons! and the over all level

Lilgrudgeboy: What do you mean that the weapon doesn’t move with the mouse? It does follow the mouse. The walk cycle is fine, at least for running, and that’s pretty much real life trotting speed. It’s realistic, and well made. The only thing that looks wrong for me is the weapon blinking off and on. Awesome. I love the level of detail and lightning, it’s very realistic. In what computer are you running it on? It seems pretty smooth.

This is a portal problem, even sounds sometimes doesnt go through. And there will be a new character model with new animations, this is only a placeholder.

:slight_smile: yes, we are working on a new main character with LOD models and customizable appearance, and of course, new animations. We are also implementing IK to hands so weapon always stays where you are pointing, or if you are too close to wall, hands will bend up…

Game will be little more optimized, but at the moment it runs around 90 - 400 fps with maximum settings, depending where are you looking. System specs: Quad Q9450, XFX 9800GTX BlackEd., 2x2 GB RAM, Vista X64…

For the weapon moving with the mouse…

Have you played half Life 2? If you have then you know when you move the mouse the gun follows the cursor?..This is not a bad thing im just saying if i were to play it it would take me longer to get use to the shooting…Its not going to Ruin this WONDERFUL game…

I hope you guys makes a lot of moneys from this project!

making money is too far right now of what we got at the moment, first we need to make a stable playable free demo available for anyone who has a decent PC so this project can gain popularity.