Vortex [updated]

Hello :smiley:

And… yes I’m still listening Justice (why1 // why2, that give a “neon” inspiration, in a kind of retro style (I love that !).

Here is the vortex :

updated version :


original version :


I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Lol, looks like it could be a ’ 70s band album cover. Good job :D. My only crit would be that you need to cut off alot of that empty blackness above, because it’s distracting in the overall image.

P.S. Woot first comment.

Awesome work

Avenger 96 is right but if you wish to print that on a t-shirt, it would look really cool as is :wink:

Would you mind if I did that and use it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Alberto

Thanks guys :smiley: I appreciate

@ Avenger96 : I’ve updated my first post with a better version I think :wink:

@ AlbertoEAF : You can do it if you want :smiley: But don’t forget to credit me in the image, I can make you a special image if you want :slight_smile:

That is pretty neat :slight_smile:

Thank you Borgleader :slight_smile: