Vote for best graphics for Blender 2010 Game Contest

IMPORTANT: The final choice of prize winners is made by the judges (Erwin and Malachy).

Please download and try out the games from

and vote for best graphics.

The judges will make a decision by the end of this week.
Thanks for all the great work!

Accidentally voted wrong…whoops! Oh well.

Don’t vote for your own games guys,

let’s keep a little bit of dignity in this contest plz.

Congradulation vitorbalbio, you got my vote !

Yeah I know right…I clicked on my self accidentally while mousing over to the submit button…

My mouse sucks. :frowning:

krum isnt on there…?

I don’t know… Ethier AD Edge’s game or Vitor’s… I haven’t decided becuse my computer can’t sustain Vitor’s graphics so I’m not sure how good the game play is! XD

Dice War 3D looks cool! I’m going to go play that :smiley:

My mouse sucks.

My appologises buddy.

If you win the contest, get a new mouse :slight_smile:

I must confess, I envy the vitorbalbio, he has a great partner.
I consider him an opponent at the moment and will be my opponent in several and various contests, but at the same time, consider him a friend,
but never with my current knowledge and the power of my team
can build such beautiful scenery.

My vote goes to “Lucy and The Time of the Machine”.
Force, Brazil!

Dice War 3D looks cool! I’m going to go play that

Thanks Linkxgl,

Nice to hear you enjoy my game :slight_smile:

I enjoyed it too! It was really great! Congrats to you!



Thanks you Sunjay03,

that cheer me up :slight_smile:

The only thing I would look at is your English. I know that its probably not your first language, but it made the instructions kind of confusing. :wink:

Still a great game. :slight_smile:


I’m gonna keep that in note.

I got three vote, I got three votes !!! Yeah !!! :smiley:
three person think that I’m better than vitorbalbio… (lol, stupid them XD jk)

Happy modeling

uhhh…yeah…lets see. You, your sibling, and some person called “mink”

I actualy voted for Padawan96 (XD, lol) And you voted for yourself, so whats your point ?!? Lol shingwantin is your brother right ??? Ha ha ha poor you :p.

Happy modeling

lol yeah we both voted for our siblings xD Well, actually my brother voted for me… anyways, my game DOES have the best graphics! :smiley: lol jk at least imho xD

wow guys, keep it clean XD

I don’t vote for myself because then my vote would be wasted. YOu have to remember, there ARE people with better graphics or gameplay better than your own, other than your own game you should consider looking at other people’s games and honestly vote.

It’s pretty interesting what people think is fun :smiley: and it gives you a heads up for the next compition. :slight_smile:

My vote for graphics is going on Vitor’s game :smiley:

I also voted for Lucy and the machine, great work, vitorbalbio!
BUT I have to say that a few others also caught my attention, for example Origamy and Sushi King both have a kind of innovative look. I think The Dark Days of Little Oto and especially I dream of rain create a very good atmosphere and Faith uses mist in an interesting way (like the shadow in the big cave).
Many great entrys here, I also hope that some of them will still be worked on after the contest as many have a lot of potential but also need a bit more work imo.

Many great entrys here and congrats to vitor again!

I wish my graphics card could do GLSL. I still plan to vote, but I’ll have to go by the screenshots and videos.