Vote for Blender 2.5 and Sintel

Ton’s twitter message:

Vote for Blender 2.5 (best update) and Sintel (best short film) at 3DWorld contest

Click here to vote now!


Voted ! :smiley:

did the deed.

Done and Done

done! done!

Listo, done.

Hands down the best :smiley:

voted done

vote for blender… check…
vote for sintel… check…

Voted for CameraMan for Maya. This is such clever idea - hopefully it’s not too hard to do something similar (better) for Blender.

already done what you’ve done.

CameraMan does look pretty good, although I find the sensors on phones to be quite inaccurate so I’m not too sure how well it would work in practice, until it comes to Android (if ever) I won’t be able to test it though.

Ugh… I’m not sure how valid this system is. Anyone can vote, that’s cool, but I really doubt everyone has tested or seen every single thing there to decently do a honest vote.


Done & Done!

Done :slight_smile: even signed up for update emails

Voted for ‘Loom’

Done. This is quite corrupt, isn’t it.

I haven’t voted yet, because after watching Loom based on organic’s post I am watching them all- I have to say, we are beyond the Golden Age of Animation, we are into the Platinum Age, or whatever trumps gold :wink: . I’m amazed at the work that college kids are putting out these days. It’s insane. Growing up in a time where animation was a relatively inaccessible medium unless you had a fair amount of money, this is just nuts. Anyhow, back to screening :slight_smile:

Edit: Hezarfin was quite entertaining also, had a nice clean Oktapodi feel to it.

done, in this categories Blender and Sintel are the best